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200 years ago happened an important episode in the history of Bayonne and its surrounding region.

However, while the "Campaign of France" is widely known with its succession of battles (Champaubert, Montmirail, Montereau, ...) well represented by Charlet in his engravings, people are much less familiar with all the fighting that took place at the same time in the Basque Country.
In the North of France, against Napoleon, we find a coalition of Austrians, Prussians and Russians. In the South West, the actors are Wellington against Soult, after the defeat of Vitoria marking the end of the Spanish Civil War and the march to the north of the "Allies" (English, Portuguese , Spain) followed by the Siege of Bayonne, in 1813/1814.

Who knows general Thouvenot and general Maucomble ? Who knows exactly what is "The Sortie of April 14, 1814" and why was that name given to an avenue of Bayonne ? Why are there two "Cimetières des Anglais" (English Cemeteries) on the heights above the city ? And what about this paradox: why was a major offensive launched from the Citadel when Napoleon had already abdicated ?

Following memory and history lane, we call on you to understand the key dates and events, and discover all the actors whether famous or more humble. Everyone is invited: individuals, associations, specialists, representative institutions, the press, to participate to panels, discussions, exhibitions, memorials, tours, shows, publications, etc ...

Not to mention that a century later after 1814, the main enemy of France back then would come back on French soil, but as a friend and ally this time.
Bicentenary of the "Siège de Bayonne" in 1814
 Sir Arthur Wellesley
Duke of Wellington
 Le Général Baron Thouvenot
 Maréchal Soult,
Duc de Dalmatie
 Sir John Hope

Videos of the commemorations
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