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I. Exhibition at the Musée Basque et de l’histoire de Bayonne (Museum of Basque Culture and of the History of Bayonne, located in Bayonne) intitled "The Siege of Bayonne in 1814"
     - Portraits, busts and memorabilia of the key actors for the regional fighting: Soult, Wellington,
        Hope, Haye, etc. as well as for the local events: generals Thouvenot and Maucomble, etc.
      - Miscellaneous documents from the period including autographed letters, etc. ...
      - Medals, medallions, coins, etc.
      - Uniforms and weapons of the era, memorabilia found on the battlefields, etc. ...
      - Prints, lithographs (including caricatures and satires), maps, plans, etc.
      - Other

II. Memory walks : historical places of 1814 fighting
      ► in Bayonne, mostly in the heights above the city North of the Adour river: Citadel, Eglise St-Etienne (St. Etienne church), Monument de l’Aigle (Monument of the Eagle), Chemin de La Harie/Château du Vigneau, Jewish Cemetery, Cimetières des Anglais (English Cemeteries: Coldstream Guards cemetery and Third Foot Guards - The Coldstream Guards are also known as The Second Foot Guards and The Third Foot Guards as Scots Guards-), etc.
      ► around Bayonne : La Croix de Mouguerre (The Cross of Mouguerre), Arcangues and St-Pierre d'Irube - the battlefields of 1813 (St-Jean-de Luz / Ciboure Urrugne, Sare, Ascain, St Pee sur-Nivelle)
      ► in Biarritz : Memorial of St Andrew's Anglican Church, cemetery of the St. Martin church, and the small cemetery in the private property "Barroilhet" (district of La Négresse)
      ► in Bidart : church cemetery

III. Conferences
[in close cooperation with the Bayonne SSLASociété des Sciences, Lettres et arts de Bayonne (Society of Sciences, Humanities and Arts of Bayonne]

IV. Commemorations
      ►Ceremonies (with possible re-enactments) at the Monument in Saint Etienne, at the Croix de Mouguerre, etc.

V. Related activities interacting with the 1814 commemoration
     ► Specific: Contest (knowledge, story, original family archive, etc.), Shows, Documentary-fiction play in cooperation with media and the education people
     ► Inscription of the events in Bayonne calendar annual
     ► Publications, Medals and/or commemorative stamp, etc.



     Bicentenary of the "Siège de Bayonne" in 1814 -Commemoration april 11 to august 31

                                            See Realized Timetable